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  2. [New] How do I pin the Camera’s 4x1 and 1x1 widgets to my Home screen?

  3. [New] How to use Beautification mode?

  4. [New] How to use HDR?

  5. [New] How to use Miniature mode?

  6. [New] How to use Depth of Field mode?

  7. [New] How to use Manual mode?

  8. [New] How to use Effects?

  9. [New] How to use Time Rewind?

  10. [Video] What is Time rewind mode?

  11. [New] How to use Auto?

  12. [New] How to use Super Resolution?

  13. [New] How to use Panorama?

  14. [New] How to use Selfie Panorama?

  15. [Video] How to use the Selfie Panorama mode?

  16. [New] How to use Selfie mode?

  17. [New] How to use GIF Animation?

  18. [New] How to use Night mode?

  19. [New] How to use Smart Remove?

  20. [New] How to use All Smiles?

  21. [New] How to use Time lapse?

  22. What is Low light mode?

  23. [New] How to use Low Light mode?

  24. How to start the countdown shutter in Selfies?

  25. How to use the gradienter UI in Manual mode?

  26. How to show the advanced settings in Manual mode?

  27. How do I keep a subject in focus?

  28. How can I lock the focus, exposure, and white balance of my camera?

  29. Why do my captured photos become blurry when I zoom in?

  30. What is smart scene detection?

  31. Why do my captured photos look grainy?

  32. Why can't I find PanoSphere mode?

  33. How do I use the Romantic effect on my photos and videos?

  34. Why do my photo files come out with a photo size of 6 MB instead of 8 MB?

  35. What is Miniature mode?

  36. Can I change the color tone on my photos?

  37. What is Depth of field mode?

  38. How do I quickly launch the camera?

  39. Why is the frame rate much slower on video mode?

  40. Why do photos taken from ZenFone 4's front camera seem dark?

  41. What is Party Link mode?

  42. Why do I see lines or a flicker when I take photos of monitors or TV screens?

  43. Can I change the focus modes of my camera?

  44. How can I mute the camera sound?

  45. How do I change the aspect ratio of my photos?

  46. Why does a light halo or some bright lines appear on my photos?

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