1. Moving to another server...

  2. How do I change a contact's photo?

  3. How do I delete duplicate contacts?

  4. How do I set a ringtone for a contact?

  5. Why can't I sync my Facebook account?

  6. How do I backup or restore call logs?

  7. How do I add contacts to a group?

  8. What is ASUS Contacts?

  9. How do I block a specific contact?

  10. How do I share contacts from my device to other people?

  11. Why is it that sometimes the contacts are slow to display?

  12. How do I change a contact's profile cover?

  13. How can I display my contacts saved in my SIM card to my device?

  14. The dial pad is too small. Are there any other choices?

  15. How do I view a specific contact's call logs?

  16. How do I set up a contact shortcut?

  17. Why can't I find a contact via Smart dial?

  18. How do I hide a tab from the Contacts app?

  19. Why is My Info screen empty?

  20. Why is total number of contacts different from the one that I know?

  21. I have two contacts with the same number, but saved in two names. Why only one contact is shown when that number calls?

  22. Why can't I add an image or more information to my SIM card contacts?

  23. Why can't I link my SIM card contacts to the contacts to other accounts?

  24. Why can't I view the detailed contact information of the linked contacts?

  25. Why the order I set manually in Favorite group disappear after system reset?

  26. Why can't I find my Facebook and Google Plus contacts when I want to add an unknown number to an existing contact?

  27. Why are my SIM card contacts too slow to display and some can't be edited?

  28. How do I quickly search for a contact using Chinese name?

  29. The contact's name in a group looks too small. How do I enlarge the font size?

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