Test:AppLock's integrated advanced features FAQs

Why ASUS chose to integrate CM AppLock as its app security partner?

A1: ASUS integrated CM AppLock to enhance the user experience when it comes to privacy of information stored in your mobile devices The advanced features of AppLock support intruder selfie and pattern lock that provide more security to your apps and personal information You can lock certain personal apps like Facebook, LINE, E-mail, Gallery, or Messaging app.

I already use original ASUS Lock apps feature to protect my apps Can I still use the original app lock feature even after the system update?

A2: Yes, you can still use the original ASUS AppLock's feature (Basic AppLock).

What’s the difference between Basic and Advanced of AppLock mode?

A3: Basic mode only supports the 4-code PIN while Advanced mode supports Unlock Pattern, Snooper capture, and Proactive protection reminder for personal-related apps.

How do I secure my apps with the AppLock’s Advanced mode?

A4: After you update ASUS Launcher with version and above, go to Manage Home > Preferences > AppLock then draw an unlock pattern and set the apps that you want to lock. If you already used ASUS Launcher’s original app lock (Basic AppLock), go to Manage Home > Preferences > AppLock mode then select Advanced (powered by CMCM).

Why does ASUS Launcher require/ask additional permissions?

A5: Permissions are required for version because this provides advanced AppLock mode feature. These permissions include the following:

  • Using Camera - If someone attempts to launch the protected app without your permission, it will take a photo of that person.
  • Changing audio settings - The camera's audio instantly sets to mute when capturing the snooper's photo, without them knowing that they are being photographed.

Will the CM AppLock leak my personal data?

A6: CM AppLock is a product of Cheetah Mobile, which is listed in US Nasdaq. In accordance with its privacy policy, the company does not collect and leak personal data. For more information regarding CM AppLock's privacy, tap this link.

After enabling the Advanced AppLock mode, how do I receive notifications from a locked app?

A7: By default, app notifications are disabled in Advanced AppLock settings to protect your privacy. You need to enable this by doing the following steps:

  1. Go to Manage Home > Preferences > AppLock.
  2. Unlock with your passcode to open AppLock screen.
  3. On the upper-right corner of the screen, tap > Settings then uncheck Hide notification.

Why can't I see the Advanced AppLock mode after I updated ASUS Launcher?

A8: You can't see the Advanced AppLock mode if you already use CM AppLock of other apps. 

How do I stop receiving recommended goodies/ads?

A9: Advanced AppLock mode displays goodies on the unlock screen that may be interesting for you. If you want to stop receiving these goodies, do the following steps:

  1. Go to Manage Home > Preferences > App Lock > Set AppLock.

  2. Unlock with your passcode to open AppLock screen.

  3. On the upper-right corner of the screen, tap   > Settings then uncheck Recommend goodies.

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